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Veteran Mobility

Veterans who need help, having served our country and were disabled? You will find the following information very helpful in saving time and money.

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As of October 1, 2011, the Department of Veterans Affairs Auto Allowance for Disabled Veterans (4502) will increase from $11,000 to $18,900. The one-time grant gives disabled veterans greater affordability when purchasing a vehicle adapted for their accessibility needs.

Operation Independence

Operation Independence is an awareness campaign to help Veterans understand and utilize their vehicle mobility benefits such as the auto allowance grant and the automobile adaptive equipment program. These benefits along with the assistance of a VMI Select Dealer can help a Veteran select and purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle that best fits their needs.

VMI is the premier manufacturer of wheelchair accessible vans. VMI Select Dealers are experts in mobility assessment and customization. Together we have combined our knowledge with the Paralyzed Veterans of America to increase awareness with disabled Veterans regarding VA vehicle benefits, and help them get the benefits they have earned while serving our country.

Operation Independence helps Veterans get into their first wheelchair accessible van. VMI and our Select Dealer Network will give Veterans a $1000 rebate towards the van to be converted for wheelchair accessibility.
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From the Department of Veterans Affairs: Automobile Adaptive Equipment (AAE)

The Automobile Adaptive Equipment (AAE) program permits physically challenged persons to enter, exit, and/or operate a motor vehicle or other conveyance.

Veterans are trained, through the VA Driver's Rehabilitation Program, how to safely operate their vehicle on our nation's roadways.

The VA also provides necessary equipment such as platform wheelchair lifts, UVLs (under vehicle lifts), power door openers, lowered floors/raised roofs, raised doors, hand controls, left foot gas pedals, reduced effort and zero effort steering and braking, and digital driving systems.

Additionally, VA's program provides reimbursements for standard equipment including, but not limited to, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, and other special equipment necessary for the safe operation of an approved vehicle.

PDF application for adaptive equipment

Automotive Innovations has a substantial inventory of wheelchair acccessible vans in Bridgewater, MA, and would be happy to set up a time for a demonstration. Automotive Innovations also has access to factory direct inventory of hundreds of wheelchair vans in every make, model, and color available.

Automotive Innovation's showroom and service center is located at 1000 Main St. Route 28, Bridgewater, MA

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